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This is a collection of my most humbling/inspiring/adrenaline-pumped firsts since 2016. I love sharing my love for science, aviation and skydiving and I hope you like this collection of my most memorable moments

First Total Solar Eclipse!

August 21st, 2017 at KCEU. First Total Solar Eclipse of my life. Andrey Pak, one of the finest photographers at Tech, took this picture.

First Flight on a PT-17 Stearman!

On August 22nd 2017, I flew the Stearman! She was the most beautiful airplane I have ever flown. Many young men became ruthless warriors training on the stearman during the world war II. She's a little hard to fly: the nose is not visible so your sight picture is off the strut. Landing the stearman requires chopping the power and,well,falling like a brick. Flying the stearman is a childhood dream come true. I am forever indebted to David Twibell for introducing me to Dan and making this happen. Next up: the Luscombe!

First Results from the Seismic Source!

On August 5th 2017, I finally reduced the data on my testing of our first prototype of the seismic acoustic source Version 1. That peak made me cry. We also got data for Version 2 that needs more testing. Congratulations to my students, Darian Perez and Emily Paxton for doing a great job on Version 2. They worked weekends and evenings to get this done on time.

First Glider Flight!

On July 19th 2017, I flew down to Meadowlark(GA-75) from KPDK to fly gliders! Meadowlark is a grass strip south of Hartsfield Jackson. David Twibell was PIC and my CFI and he taught me the art/skill of landing on a grassfield. I got to fly manuevers on a glider including power-off(lol) stalls 'coz why not. Unfortunately, I didn't get to fly her down on final as the approach was too tight and Go-Around is NEVER an option when you are flying a glider

First Grass Strip Landing!

On July 19th 2017, I flew up to PeachState (GA-2) from Meadowlark(GA-75) for some delicious chicken at Barnstormer's grill and grassfield landing practice. Special thanks to David Twibell for introducting me to Peachstate and grass field landings.

First Class B Transition!

On June 7th 2017, I flew over Hartsfield Jackson's highly restricted Class Bravo airspace for the first time. I felt so out of place talking to Approach control next to ATPs with 1000s of hours of Total Time but I sounded like a pro on the radios. Thank you, John Post, for endorsing me to fly over class Bravo.

First Solo!

On May 22nd 2017, I soloed in N314GT,a Cessna 172, at Gwinnett County (KLZU). I did 3 T/Gs on runway 25. Ceiling was low(still VFR) but the wind was only 5-6 kts out of 220. The solo was unexpected as I hadn't had my stage check with the club CFI yet (Club policy not a legal requirement) but John didnt wanna ruin my "Perfect Flare" streak. 3 landings were Greasy, the last one was a little flat! I need to buy a new shirt but it was so worth logging my first entry as PIC!

First Airshow!

On October 2016, I flew down to Robbins AFB, with David Twibell as the Pilot in Command, to attend Thunder over Georgia 2016. I was extremely humbled to see the thunderbirds in action. A shout out to all performers at the Air show for inspiring another generation of aviators.

First Office!

Very thankful to the Aerospace Engineering department for giving me an entire room to myself. I, and my undergraduate team, hope to do some amazing "underground" research in this room.

First Measurement at 500,000 Hz!

In Summer 2016, I set up an experiment, under Dr. Sigidur Thoroddsen, to map instabilities in microjets. To study the transient instabilties, I was imaging at very high frame rates. Setting up the experiment and calibrating it was a great learning experience. Time Well Spent! The project is still in progress.

First Successful Tomo-PIV!

Tomographic PIV is the coolest and most painful technique to study Fluid Mechanics. In July 2016, after 3 months of pain, we managed to get out first data set!

First Movie (in Saudi Arabia)!

Saw Independence Day: Resurgence at one of the two theaters in the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

First 3D Printed Vacuum Chamber!

I Designed and Developed a 3D Printed Vacuum Chamber. 3D printing is the worst fabrication technique for making anything vacuum proof as the structure is a mesh with discrete layers. The chamber can hold 0.001 bar for 20+ minutes. I needed a quick solution to save time and get on with my experiments: Try at your own risk!