Aviation is ripe for disruption. We are a team of three students at Georgia Tech who are in love with the Big Blue and want to do our part for the aviation industry. Our team is a culmination of diverse skillsets: Our highly accomplished team of three includes a Private Pilot and an Aerospace Engineer, An expert in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing and A current cofounder of a music startup. We are backed by CreateX, an entrepreneurial initiative at Georgia Tech.

What are we working on?

Our motivation is to build something that we think the aviation world really needs. Ideas we are currently exploring includes advanced engine data monitors , IFR optimization and data-driven cost evaluation of airplanes up for sale. We are more concerned with building something valuable for our industry and not just run away with an idea that we think is special.

How you can help!

We need your experience and insights! We are looking to chat casually with people in the aviation industry and learn more about their jobs, routine, unusual experiences and things they want to see change in our industry. If you are a pilot, Aircraft Owner, A&P, Part 135 Operator, Controller, CFI or an employee in the aviation industry, please send us an email! We would love to hear about your experience in the industry and what you want to see in the next 20 years in aviation!